• “Celebrity cats. New cat products and accessories. This thing is the Comic Con of cats.” — Thrillist

  • “If Lil BUB warms your lil heart and Keyboard Cat wrote the soundtrack to your affections, run, do not walk, to CatCon” — EXPEDIA

  • “This year promises to be BIGGER and BETTER than previous years. And that’s really saying something considering those were pawsitively purrfect!” — INCREDIBLE THINGS

  • “CatCon has adopted actor Ian Somerhalder — and his charitable foundation — for its 2017 conference/symposium/celebration of all things feline set to take place in mid-August.” — LA TIMES

  • “CatConLA is a utopia for all feline fanatics.” — People

  • “CatCon is the most weirdly wonderful event on the planet.” — POP SUGAR

  • “The highlights were multitude — panels! meet-and-greets! costumes! cat videos! retail therapy!” — HELLO GIGGLES

  • “This was THE place to be in L.A. for the weekend.” — BUZZFEED

  • “The first-ever cat convention pretty much broke the Internets.” — GIZMODO

  • “Innovative feline furniture, art, toys, and clothes, plus chats with cat experts, and much more.” — REFINERY29

  • “At the first CatCon, a convention and symposium dedicated to felines and the humans who love them, Lil BUB reigned supreme.” — THE DAILY BEAST

  • “CatConLA touched down at The Reef this weekend to the glee of cat lovers everywhere.” — L.A. WEEKLY

  • “The first-ever CatConLA brought the cat craze popularized online to life in a big, costumed way.” — THE DAILY MAIL

  • “The Internet’s obsession with cats came to life full-force at CatConLA” — PLAYBOY

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