• “Cat enthusiasts hobnobbed with kitty celebrities, viewed feline art, and got to shop aisles upon aisles of cat-related merch.” — Nerdist

  • “Ian hit up CatCon to meet and greet some celebrity kitties and support his non-profit organisation, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.” — Glamour U.K.

  • “It’s an amazing arena for people to get together with common threads and this is in love and support of one of the coolest amazing furry critters: cats” — Ian Somerhalder in PEOPLE PETS

  • “From Ian Somerhalder to Lil Bub, (our) experience at CatCon was absolutely purr-fect.” — Pop Sugar

  • “All eyes were on feline celebs like Oskar the Blind Cat, Lil Bub and Moshow the Cat Rapper, who took their rightful places atop proverbial pedestals where they could bask in the gaze of their adoring fans.” — LA Weekly

  • “The convention aims to support shelters, promote adoption as opposed to shopping at a pet store to save animals who may otherwise euthanized.” — The Daily Mail

  • “People dressed up like cats and those who simply love to love felines swarmed Pasadena, Calif., this past weekend” — NY DAILY NEWS

  • “The most ferocious fashion spotted at CatCon” — MASHABLE

  • “Celebrity cats. New cat products and accessories. This thing is the Comic Con of cats.” — Thrillist

  • “If Lil BUB warms your lil heart and Keyboard Cat wrote the soundtrack to your affections, run, do not walk, to CatCon” — EXPEDIA

  • “This year promises to be BIGGER and BETTER than previous years. And that’s really saying something considering those were pawsitively purrfect!” — INCREDIBLE THINGS

  • “CatCon has adopted actor Ian Somerhalder — and his charitable foundation — for its 2017 conference/symposium/celebration of all things feline set to take place in mid-August.” — LA TIMES

  • “CatConLA is a utopia for all feline fanatics.” — People

  • “CatCon is the most weirdly wonderful event on the planet.” — POP SUGAR

  • “The highlights were multitude — panels! meet-and-greets! costumes! cat videos! retail therapy!” — HELLO GIGGLES

  • “This was THE place to be in L.A. for the weekend.” — BUZZFEED

  • “The first-ever cat convention pretty much broke the Internets.” — GIZMODO

  • “Innovative feline furniture, art, toys, and clothes, plus chats with cat experts, and much more.” — REFINERY29

  • “At the first CatCon, a convention and symposium dedicated to felines and the humans who love them, Lil BUB reigned supreme.” — THE DAILY BEAST

  • “CatConLA touched down at The Reef this weekend to the glee of cat lovers everywhere.” — L.A. WEEKLY

  • “The first-ever CatConLA brought the cat craze popularized online to life in a big, costumed way.” — THE DAILY MAIL

  • “The Internet’s obsession with cats came to life full-force at CatConLA” — PLAYBOY

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